Preparing Your Business For a Severe Weather Outbreak

lightning in a storm cloud

Summer in Michigan brings us a higher heat index and an increased chance of severe storms. Here’s how to protect your customers, staff, and your business during a severe weather outbreak. Get Out of the Heat Working in extremely warm conditions for an extended amount of time can be dangerous to your workers. To prevent… Continue reading

Fueling the Job Force

June is Youth Employment Month in Michigan. Give young adults the opportunity to gain work experience and skills for future careers. As the weather warms and schools break for the summer, many young adults will begin job-hunting and entering the workforce. Hiring young workers will, in turn, help fuel the economy and add well-trained and… Continue reading

Benefits of Hiring Youth Workers

Randall Harrison

Youth employment is defined as the engagement of a minor 14 to 17 years of age to work by a person, firm, or corporation. The lawful employment of minors is an important part of shaping the future workforce and cultivating entrepreneurs. Employers of today play a big role in how productive the future labor force… Continue reading

Do I need to have a Workers’ Compensation Policy?

By: Kurt Dettmer, Senior Vice President, Insurance Sales & Business Development A question insurance agents often receive is a simple one: “Do I need to have a Workers’ Compensation Policy”? Even if your Michigan business has just one employee, your business is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Carrying workers’ compensation insurance protects both you… Continue reading

Keep employees and customers safe this winter

winter tips

Ice and snow season is here – and it’s time to make sure you’re prepared for the weather. A slip and fall can cause a workers’ compensation claim, or a lawsuit from a customer. Stop an accident before it starts by following these key steps to keep your business safe! 5 Ways to Prevent Slip… Continue reading

When Injury Strikes, Act Quickly

As your workers’ compensation provider, Retailers Insurance Company is committed to helping you get care for your employees while controlling your costs. To do that, we urge you to maintain a safety focused environment and report claims immediately after the accident. Prompt medical care is essential for the workers’ return to health and the workplace… Continue reading

Adopting a pet-friendly workplace policy

pet policy

During the pandemic, when people worked remotely, pet adoptions skyrocketed. As companies are bringing employees back to the office, many workers want to bring along their furry friends. A growing number of companies are adopting pet-friendly policies. Research shows that pet-friendly workplaces can be happy and playful. But having a pet-friendly office requires a policy that protects… Continue reading

COVID-19 employee screening made simple

By TOM CLEMENT, MRA General Counsel Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, retail has shown that it is equally focused on customer and employee health and business success and has proven that both can be achieved simultaneously. Retailers have demonstrated, and the data proves, that they can follow the rules and keep business safe and open. In a… Continue reading