Tips to defuse tense confrontations with customers

Most retailers by now have experienced instances of a customer showing disrespect for face mask rules or some other guideline the store has set to comply with Governor Whitmer’s orders or protect their staff members. Michigan Retailers Association has held six webinars on dealing with difficult customers and two on active violence in the workplace,… Continue reading

3 ways to keep the holidays safe in your workplace

Many employees love to decorate the workplace for the holidays and participate in a company gathering. As an employer, you may want to encourage some holiday frivolity, holding ugly sweater contests and contributing the turkey for the employee potluck. But you also need to be aware of three areas of concern during the holidays. DECORATING… Continue reading

Michigan is in top 10 for slip and fall accidents

Now that winter is upon us, ask yourself: As an employer, am I being proactive enough when it comes to preventing slip and fall injuries? Obviously those types of injuries go up with the advent of ice, sleet and snow. Here are other reasons to be concerned: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows Michigan… Continue reading

Retiring RIC Underwriter Excited About Her Future and Company’s

Looking back at four decades of experience in Michigan’s insurance industry, Patty Zaskowski discusses the past 11+ years with special enthusiasm. With good reason. Zaskowski, director of underwriting for Retailers Insurance Company, was there at the beginning, going to work for Michigan Retailers Association in September 2005 to help the organization convert its more than… Continue reading

RIC: Extending protection against tomorrow’s world

In these times, employers’ risks and exposures are constantly expanding. That’s why, as Michigan’s preferred workers’ compensation insurance carrier, Retailers Insurance Company is always looking for ways to extend coverages and reward policyholders for being proactive in protecting their employees. In 2014 we were the first carrier in the nation to automatically include EFT Guard… Continue reading

Reviewing Claims

by John Godfrey Retired jeweler and former board member Few policyholders realize how carefully the Retailers Insurance board considers and reviews each work comp claim. It is this process that enables us to be successful — settling claims efficiently and fairly, and disputing claims when warranted in order to control costs and discourage frivolous claims.… Continue reading

Lowering My “MOD”

Do you know what your “mod” is and why it’s important for determining how much you pay for workers’ compensation insurance? You should, because that knowledge can help you reduce your cost of work comp — or at least understand why your cost went up. In work comp, each insured business gets its own experience modification… Continue reading

Do I Need Work Comp Insurance?

In Michigan, all private employers must have work comp coverage if: They regularly employ three or more workers at one time; or During the preceding 52 weeks they have regularly employed at least one worker for 35 hours or more per week for 13 weeks or longer. All public employers must have coverage. Any other… Continue reading

How Work Comp Protects You

You’ve probably been told that as a Michigan employer you are required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance. But do you know why, and how the system works to protect you and your employees? Here are the basics, according to the state’s Michigan Business Guide to Workers’ Comp. Work comp is an insurance system, mutually… Continue reading